It is a mistake to give credibility to myths. There are several, and you should read them again to remember them, label them as fraud and deny them Keto Burn Xtreme Review: hydrates do not get fat; the water in the food is healthy; the fruit is necessary and is loaded with vitamins and not calories.

Light foods do not lose weight; the vitamins either; olive oil is necessary; one day to liquids, or vegetables, or fish or anything, does not lose weight, much less fasting; the nerves do not get fat; or the metabolism is not slow or fast at the whim.

It is a mistake to set a fixed time to lose kilos. The recommendation of the most accredited bodies is that the weight loss must be very gradual Keto Burn Xtreme Review (between 500 grams and 1 kilogram per week), with the aim of giving the body time to metabolically reorganize and ensure that it is a consolidated.

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