There is no consensus on the appropriate limit for industrial hemp: North Carolina puts it at 0.9%; in Texas, it’s 0.5%. Each state government raises its own dysfunctional rules. Some states limit the sources of products rich in CBD and specify a narrow range of conditions for which Sera Labs CBD Oil fcan be used; others do not.

The leading advocates of the ‘CBD only’ laws have argued that this legislation is a crucial first step towards the legalization of medical marijuana. Until then, however, there are no such advances in any state that has passed the ‘only CBD’ laws. Most patients are not well cared for with ‘only Sera Labs CBD Oil ‘ laws. They need access to a broad spectrum of remedies from the whole plant, not just products low in THC.

Confucius once said that to change society, one must begin to call things by their true names. If maximizing the production of CBD-rich oil for product formulation is the goal and the best plant sources are federally illegal because of a minuscule amount of THC, then it may be time to call things by their real name.

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